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🌍 Platinum Paper – Range of Sustainable Materials Available

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Platinum Paper is committed to providing our customers with this range of Sustainable materials to benefit the environment and satisfy consumer demand for eco-friendly labelling options.Β From materials made from Post-Consumer Recycled waste, to materials made from Renewable Sources right through to Compostable materials, we have a solution that’s right for your business.

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Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)

Post-consumer recycled content, often referred to as PCR, is material that is made from the items that consumers recycle every day, like cans, cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bottles.

Materials using Renewable Sources
Renewable content refers to the use, in the manufacturing of a package, of bio-based and natural resources that can be replenished through a natural process. Current bio-based and natural resources that serve as renewable feedstocks in packaging include crops like sugar cane which are used in the production of bio-plastics.

Compostable Materials

Compostable food packaging is made, disposed of and breaks down in a manner that is kinder to the environment than plastic. It is made from plant-based, recycled materials and can return to the earth quickly and safely as soil when disposed of in the right environmental conditions. Our compostable materials as well as the adhesives are fully certified according to the European standard EN13432. They comply with standards for direct food contact (EC1935/2004 & FDA) and are approved for industrial and home compost.

You can find out additional information and review product specification sheets here…https://platinumpaper.ie/sustainable/