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Cryogenic Ink-jet Labelstock

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Cryogenic PET

This 85µ matt white print receptive polyester offers excellent low temperature cryogenic performance combined with good water resistance. Designed to be printed via Epson’s ColorWorks ink-jet printer and pigment combination.

Features include;
• Low temperature Cryogenic performance -196°C.
• Matt white polyester with a high tack adhesive.
• High tack adhesive without bleed issues.
• Temperature resistance up to +100°C.
• Durable with resistance to abrasion and ripping.
• Large coverage of ink will dry immediately.
• Low order quantities available.

This high-performance material has many advantages over thermal transfer
• Four colour variable data labels for improved identification.
• Reverse of white text with black print.
• Easy to print a colour over text i.e. yellow block with black text.
• The coloured ink gives the end user to the option to use colour coding.

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This self-adhesive PET can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination.

Low temperature Cryogenic performance -196°C

Cryogenic labelstock enables the reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels that undergo long-term storage in liquid nitrogen or deep-freezing. Ideal for use within clinical laboratories, biomedical research, and other scientific environments.

Low temperature Cryogenic

With a cohesive bond high enough to withstand thermal shock, this self-adhesive material can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination. This PET material can be variably printed via water-based ink jet, eliminating the use of marker pens for identification, and so greatly reducing the risk of human error causing illegible marking or mislabelling.

Users are also able to print the fine detail batch and barcodes required for small vials and test-tubes, ensuring all information is retained.

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