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Self Wound Over Laminating Films

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Self wound over laminate films have been an industry staple for over 20 years for self-adhesive labels. When a printed label needs protection against the elements, over laminate provides that extra layer of strength and durability.The use of self-wound laminate is well established in the Flexographic and Digital narrow web label industry. The benefits of using a linerless self-wound material are well recognised.
  • Stability and strength to the base material
  • Provide surface protection
  • Enhance the appearance of the label
  • No liner going into waste stream

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Self-wound laminates are also ideal for compact digital label finishers, these units are used in conjunction with desk top pigment-based ink and laser technology printers. Self-wound laminate by nature is a compact material, easy to transport, store and available in a roll size that is ideal for the smaller diameter output rolls used on compact label finishing machines.

Choosing the right material for your application


Self-wound laminate is available in several film finishes. It is important to consider the end use when choosing which provides the best solution for the label application.

Gloss – A practical general use PP, considered as the industry standard by label printers, this product is ideal for general purpose label protection

Matt – This ultra thin matt PP film allows more light through to the base label, producing more vibrant colours while still giving a high-end matt finish. Ideal for beverage, food and cosmetic labels.

Low noise –  A clear gloss silent PET. Ultra aggressive adhesive for demanding label applications. Silent unwind is ideal for office setting digital printers.

Over-printable – Data printable over laminate film that gives end users the ability to print on site information such as expiration dates, bar codes and other variable information applications.

Softsens –  A Matt modified PET with a tactile surface. Ideal for use in labelling and flexible packaging applications such as food and cosmetics

Glitterlam – Decorative Gloss PP with a light gold glitter effect. Ideal for decorative labels for a touch of sparkle.


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